The Chance to Dream is working on various projects which focus on improving quality of life for children and families in impoverised places. We currently have active projects in Haiti, Guatemala and Ecuador. Our focus is to work within small communities and encourage participation to improve education and community health.

The Chance to Dream and their donors have made a significant impact on the lives of many so far, but the needs are great. We are always looking for partners to come along side and join our efforts to improve the lives of others.

The Chance to Dream is working with local people to allow their voices be heard, to share their lives, and share their desires to have choices about their futures and the future of their communities.

 Every child is most deserving of access to clean water, consistent shelter and an education. The chance to study, and to look toward their futures and dream is what we are all about.  

Oh, how they deserve it !

About The Chance to Dream...