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Our work in Haiti is active and exciting right now. Haiti is a small Caribbean nation with inadequate political infrastructure, and faces frequent natural disasters. All of this contributes to an ongoing cycle of poverty within its borders. Ron and Linda Sheppard live in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with the commitment of supporting the needs of various local communities.

We have sustainable projects established in the village communities of Belot and Novelle Tourraine. Both of these communities have seen exciting growth through the mentoring of their own leaders.  True sustainable change comes from access to education and mentorship.


Our efforts in both of these communities have helped improve both the relationships within the communities and the physical structures. Funds through The Chance to Dream have provided assistance for rebuilding homes after natural disasters, as well as contributions to community infrastructure, such as public meeting structures.

Education effort have also included a 15 week "Matrón" training, providing critical education to the local village midwives. As you can see in the photo, most of them are men!

Access to mental health is extrememly limited in Haiti.  The Chance to Dream is honored to support LInda's passion for increasing awareness about trauma and the effects of trauma. She is working with community leaders to provide trauma training, both to Haitian natives, and the American ex-pat community; both groups very deserving of her skills. Additionally, she provides workshops and other educational opportunities that strengthen mental health.

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