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The Chance to Dream Team

We, at The Chance to Dream, think of everyone as a part of the team. Our team consists of our students, parents, village leadership, teachers, administrators, board members, donors, supporters and YOU.


We began small, and with teamwork, we are making large steps toward improving mental health, increasing education, and enriching communities in the lives of many people living in impoverished areas. We rely deeply on one another to do our best for the greater whole. We have seen it work, and it is beatiful! We really do have a dream team, and we are so happy you are taking part.


The Chance to Dream Board of Directors consists of:

Linda Sheppard

Kirsten Reber

Joseph Shine

If you would like to reach any of them, please send an email to 

Your email will reach the appropriate director for response. Thank you !!

Friend of the Board: Erica Drummond

Founder: Tana de Guzman

Founder: Bob Swarthout

windy tana.jpg

Kirsten Reber

Linda Sheppard

Joseph Shine

Erica Drummond

Bob Swarthout

Tana de Guzman

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